First Newsletter sent!

I’d like to thank all that signed up for my new weekly newsletter. If you signed up you will have received it. If you signed up and haven’t received it shoot me an email at simplyjamie613 at gmail dot com and I will look into what it wasn’t sent. I apologize for not being overly […]

Silver Prophet Update

I’ve been tinkering with Silver Prophet a bit and I’m making some good progress on the demo. I’ve been using a product called Spriter Pro, available from Steam, that is helping me generate different characters and sprites for use in the game. If you’re into drawing graphics you can use it to easily animate sprites […]

Mail/Account and Site Update

I’ve been informed that there was a problem with password reset emails not being sent out when signing up from the site. I’ve found out what the issue was with the SMTP settings and update them so that the emails should be getting out now. I’ve also been working at configuring forums where you can […]