My name is Cynthia McMahon, formerly Jamie McMahon or SixOfEleven on the internet. I came out as transgendered in February of 2017. I live in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada. My passion is creating computer games, with the RPG genre being my favorite. I’m all for sharing knowledge so I write tutorials related to game programming. When I first started I devoted all of the tutorials to the XNA framework. I’m now branching out to include other topics like MonoGame, HTML5 and more in the future.

I have a few projects on the go. Visit the My Projects page to learn more if you’re curious. During my off hours, when I’m not working on my projects, I work as a web developer for a software company creating customer facing sites using C# and MVC and a few different client side technologies.

I am welcome to answer any questions you may have and would like any feedback you my have. You can leave a comment on this page, contact me via email at cynth dot mcmahon at gmail dot com or visit the forums and leave a post there. (Though they are currently not public I am adding forums to this new site for my tutorials.)

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  1. I can’t recommend going through any of Jamie’s tutorials enough. Many years ago I discovered Jamie’s old website searching for tutorials on how to use XNA (This was before MonoGame was even a thing). I was an accomplished C# developer, but, I really did not understand anything about game programming or XNA itself. His tutorials where very helpful and provided me with the experience building a lot of very useful systems that many video games will use. What started as a small project for fun became a life long obsession where I just loved building everything required for a video game to function. Several years later and I have went through using XNA, MonoGame, and am now using Unity to build games and each step of the way has provided me with the experience and skills to build some great stuff. I am currently developing a game that will be an amazing experience and I cannot wait to show it off to everyone.

    Feel free to post any questions in appropriate blog posts (or on forums when they become available) and someone will always be willing to help you out here.

  2. I thank you for your tutorials. Though I wish they were console Apps instead of forms. Hope you get to some pattern/Rpg methods soon, I’d like to see how you mesh race/class and their bonuses together with a strategy pattern, see a good verb/noun parser, Lists of monster data, room data, weapon data being read in from text files instead of hard coded, so the games can be updated with a text editor…. and the likes…

  3. Thank you a lot for these tutorials, your code is pretty clean and looks beautiful. I have learned a lot of new things from you.

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