Site News

I’ve made a few minor changes to the site. I’ve made the login/register functions show up in the menu if a user is not signed in. One note though is that my provider has added this stupid little popup that will display on login to try and mitigate brute force attacks against WordPress sites. Since […]

Tutorial 13 in the MonoGame Tutorial Series A Summoner’s Tale

I’ve just finished uploading the 13th tutorial in my MonoGame tutorial series, A Summoner’s Tale. This tutorial covers the player’s avatars being able to level up once they have gained enough experience to do so. You can use this direct link to download the tutorial Part 13 – Battling Avatars Continued or visit the A […]

Really hard time lately

I’ve been going through a lot recently and it has been very hard for me to concentrate on my personal projects. I have been working on the next tutorial when I can, though. It is about 90% done and I hope to post it tomorrow morning. This tutorial is the A Summoner’s Tale tutorial series […]

Life is calming down

The last three weeks have been really draining, emotionally and physically. I’m starting to get back into a routine and starting to want to write and program at home again. It probably going to be a few more weeks but I will be returning and working on the tutorials. I will also start work on […]

A very sad day for me

My wife passed on this morning, surrounded by her family. While I am saddened that she left I’m happy that she is longer suffering from that wretched disease. I’d like to thank everybody for their comments and their emails. They meant a lot to me. I will be taking some time to grieve and be […]

Status Update

It has been a while since I’ve posted here but I have been monitoring the site for comments and emails. As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve been going through a very troubling period in my life. 18 months ago my wife was diagnosed with ALS. It has spread through her body rapidly. My absence from the […]

Prolonged absence

I don’t want to spread my personal life all over the internet with the full details but suffice it to say that the past month has been incredibly tough because of real life problems. The situation will not be getting better any time soon. They will actually continually worsen for the next two months. I […]