Tutorials update

My current plan is to first write another tutorial in the MonoGame tutorial series, A Summoner’s Tale. In this tutorial I will work on creating avatars and the moves that they know. After this tutorial I will switch over the XNA series, Eyes of the Dragon, where I will be working on the level editor […]

Busy week

Last week was very busy for me and I didn’t have the time that I could devote to tutorials and the site in general. I have been monitoring it though and I see that people are viewing the tutorials quite a bit. So, I want to thank my loyal readers that keep coming back looking […]

Site Attacks

I’ve had a number of attempts from people trying to log into the site with the administrator account. Fortunately none of them have been successful and my security system is holding up okay. With all of these attacks I’m going to have to tighten up security even further. Until I do I’m not going to […]