Silver Prophet Update

I’ve been tinkering with Silver Prophet a bit and I’m making some good progress on the demo. I’ve been using a product called Spriter Pro, available from Steam, that is helping me generate different characters and sprites for use in the game. If you’re into drawing graphics you can use it to easily animate sprites […]

Lost Fate

I’m currently working on a few projects. My main focus is a trading card game code named Lost Fate. It is similar to other games in the genre. Like Magic the Gathering you must spend mana to play your cards. Like Yu-Gi-Oh you choose which of your creatures attacks and their targets. A creature cannot […]

Eyes of the Dragon

I have finished migrating the Eyes of the Dragon tutorial page for the XNA 4.0 Framework. They can found at the following link: Eyes of the Dragon Tutorial Series. I will be updating the links that point to the old site to the new site over the course of the next few days. If you […]