A very sad day for me

My wife passed on this morning, surrounded by her family. While I am saddened that she left I’m happy that she is longer suffering from that wretched disease. I’d like to thank everybody for their comments and their emails. They meant a lot to me. I will be taking some time to grieve and be with the children but I will be back in time.

5 thoughts on “A very sad day for me

  1. Dear Jamie,

    I’m so sorry. This is the worst thing that could have happen.
    I didn’t know you have children… Please, be with them, comfort them, cry with them. Be their company till they can feel better.
    Take your time, you will need it…

    Even if your wife is not with us… Her memories will remain.

  2. Good morning Jamie,

    We’re all understanding Your loss. Take Your time and spend this hard time with Your children 😉


  3. Dear Sir,

    I stumbled across your site and read your post. I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your precious wife. As a husband and father myself my prayers and thoughts are with you, your family and children at this time. I too lost my mother to a wretched disease at Christmas two years ago, my wife lost her Father at Christmas as well, it’s very difficult at any time but I believe it will not be the last time we see our loved ones, and that gives us peace in our hearts. May God bless you and provide you abundantly with comfort, love and strength.

  4. Hello sir,
    I’ve stumbled upon your website while researching how to build a tile engine, and I was very sad to read your post. I just want to say I am very sorry for your loss, and to tell you it is very important to take time to grieve over a loss, especially of someone that close. Take time to be with your family, don’t feel bad to cry with your children, and remember time will heal your heart even if that feels impossible. I wish you the best sir.
    Take Care,

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