Priority project

I’ve came across a project that has been taking a lot of my time the past week. I still plan on writing the next tutorial in A Summoner Tale’s series which will be the opposite of saving, loading a saved game from disk. If you design your world right you can load all of the content for the starting point manually and before doing anything use the save game features and have a base save that can be used in all new games. I want to get to it over the next week, depending on priorities.

Lady Cynthia

3 thoughts on “Priority project

  1. I’ve been following your “A Summoners Tale” tutorial series for a few years now. I would just like to say that I’m glad your health is improving and I hope you are fully recovered soon. Keep up the good work and I look forward to tutorial 16.


  2. For a few weeks now, i’ve been searching for a tutorial or something on youtube to help me making my frist game mono, but all i’ve got was a huge desapointement when people didn’t care explaining thier code (god know that i’m far from being a pro! ). When i though that there was no hope to find something usefull, i found your site and it really made me understand more haw to make a game, how to think and all^^ Thanks you very much for your hard work and i hope to see soon your next tutorial! 🙂

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