Silver Prophet Update

I’ve been working on my new combat system for Silver Prophet. As part of that I’m working on a way for a player to trigger their attacks against opponents and select which of their attacks to use. For that I ended up creating battle icons for the different images I have for the player’s character, 16 in total, 8 for female and 8 for male characters. I also created a couple for mobs because they could be included in a player’s party. Below are two sample icons that I created. The idea will be that when the player’s action bar files up the icon will become enabled, and have a visual effect indicating that. Once it is enabled it can be clicked to bring up a menu and they can select the action from the menu. When the menu is displayed it will not pause combat. The player will also set up the formation for the party members. Party members will first attack what ever is directly across from them. If there is nothing across from them they drop to the row below. If that row is not available it will cycle back to the top row. The formation will be 3×3 with either a max of 5 characters of 6 characters, I haven’t quite decided on that yet and may will take some play testing to get the right amount.

Female PC5

Male PC7

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