Tutorial requests

I’ve been looking over the projects and I’m not sure what I want to tackle next. So, I thought I’d ask my readers if there is something particular that they would like added to either tutorial series. Please leave some comments below and I will be happy to review them and try to add it to the games.

Lady Cynthia

5 thoughts on “Tutorial requests

  1. Would be useful a deepening on the Tile engine, with player/tile collisions.
    Like when, on the tile, there is for example a tree, or a part of a building. Also a hint on partial collision (ie. only half of the tile is not crossable by the player)

  2. Thanks for the feedback so far. It’s nice to have some suggestions on where to go next. I’ll start looking at what I’m going to do next.

    Unity will eventually happen, I’m just not 100% comfortable with it yet and want to wait for a bit before going down that road.

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