Lost Fate

Lost Fate


There are 6 elemental forces: Life, Air, Fire, Death, Earth and Water. Heroes have mastery over one or more of these elements. Heroes have an arsenal of spells at their command. Their deck (spellbook) can only contain spells of their elements. Heroes travel the multiverse aiding others and upon occasion battling each other for control of an area.

At the start of their turn Heroes receive 3 mana plus 1 for every turn after their first that they assign to either magic, might or stealth crystals. Spells cost different magic, might and stealth crystals. There are three different types of spells: Creature, Wizardry and Enchantment. Creature and Enchantment spells stay on the battle field when played. Wizardry spells have an instant effect and they go to the graveyard. Heroes are a special type of card.


There is a basic login/registration system. PHP sessions are used to manage logged in users.

Card Collection
This is a collection of all cards that the player owns. They are able to filter the display on the 6 elements.

Deck Manager
This is a collection of all the decks that the player has creature. Currently players are limited to 10 decks. This can be changed in the future.

Deck Builder
Player can build decks based around of the Heroes that they own. A deck can only include cards with that Hero’s elemental identity. A deck consists of 29 other cards. There can only be 3 copies of a card in a deck, except for Legendary cards which are limited to 1.

AI Battle
This allows the player to play against a random AI hero. I am focusing on this before moving to PVP battle because there is another layer of complexity getting two players to talk to each other and take turns in a game.

Development State

Current features that work are:

  • Mana system
  • Play Creature type spells (player and AI)
  • Apply effects of creatures
  • Attack enemy creatures with your creatures
  • Attack enemy hero with your creatures
  • Creatures battling other creatures

In development:

  • AI taking its turn
  • Playing Wizardry spells
  • Playing Enchantment spells