Back in the saddle, kind of

The last few weeks were kind of weird for me. I had to spend a couple days in the hospital because of a problem with my knee. That has now finished healing and I’m walking again without the aid of crutches. That set my plans back a bit but I’m ready to get back in the saddle again. I need to migrate some things between computers first and get a few things set up on my main computer as well. I will then be ready start on my tutorials again! YAY!

I will be easing into things to begin with, probably the next tutorial in my A Summoner’s Tale series first because the code is already written for that one and I can focus mainly on the writing aspect. I don’t have a firm date on what that will be but I’m hoping in the next week. I will also start publishing my newsletter again, weekly, with some status updates.

For my personal projects I’m taking a break from games and focusing on a couple websites. One is a blog for a friend and the other is an eStore for something that I make in my spare time. They are both close to finish but I’ve got a few final touches to add to them.

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