MonoGame Tutorial Series – A Summoner’s Tale

I’m announcing the tutorial series that I will be writing using MonoGame as the framework. The goal of this game is a Pokemon style game, with a bit of a twist. Instead of capturing and training them you learn how to summon elemental avatars that grow as you battle them. The code name will be A Summoner’s Tale. The game project will be simply Avatars, something much shorter than Eyes of the Dragon or A Summoner’s Tale.

The prototype that I will be using for the tutorials already exists as an XNA game that I wrote as an entry to a game programming challenge a few years back. It is a relatively complete game demo and quite suitable for these purposes. The challenge will be writing the tutorials that go with it. I am probably not going to write tutorials on the editors for this one, unless there is demand for them, and focus more on game play elements.

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