New A Summoner’s Tale Tutorial

I’ve just finished uploading a new tutorial in my MonoGame tutorial series A Summoner’s Tale. This tutorial adds characters to the game for the player to interact with. In addition to just adding the plumbing I add a couple characters to the map and cover collision detection between the player and the characters. My original demo game allowed for characters only having a single avatar. Since this is more Pokemon themed I added in a second character type that allows for the character to have up to 6 avatars like in Pokemon. They are also interchangeable in the game so you can decide which one to use if you want to use this code as a backbone for your own game. I will continue to include elements like this in the tutorials to make things a bit more closer to Pokemon.

The direct link to the tutorial is Part 7 – Characters. You can also view the entire list of tutorials on the A Summoner’s Tale tutorials page.

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