Really hard time lately

I’ve been going through a lot recently and it has been very hard for me to concentrate on my personal projects. I have been working on the next tutorial when I can, though. It is about 90% done and I hope to post it tomorrow morning. This tutorial is the A Summoner’s Tale tutorial series on creating a Pokemon style game with MonoGame. It covers being able to level up avatars when a battle if over. Please stay tuned for this new tutorial and thanks for your patience and understanding while I go through some very troubling times.

One thought on “Really hard time lately

  1. Hello my friend. I got here through a forum post about Xin. I was trying to find something like that for the latest monogame. Anyway, the link redirected to your site and that eventually led me to this post.

    I am sorry to hear about your recent struggles. I’ve been going through some myself recently. I just wanted to say to hang in there and I hope you know you aren’t alone.

    I hope your life has taken a turn for the better in these last few months.

    On a positive note, thank you for these great posts about game development. I appreciate the effort you put in to sharing with others and look forward to future content.

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