Silver Prophet, my RPG

Silver Prophet is a game that I started and have been working on for some time now. The game engine is almost done! There are just a few functions left that I want to implement before I will move on to content. It has the look and feel of a classic 2D top down RPG, with an action timer based combat system like the old Final Fantasy games. Once the engine is finish I’m looking at creating a Kickstarter campaign to prepare for the initial release. Soon I will be releasing an early alpha just to try and get some feedback on what I’ve done so far and the development content.

Lady Cynthia

One thought on “Silver Prophet, my RPG

  1. I don’t see many people leaving comments on here but I figured I would. I have off and on come back to this site during my time with Game Development. I just wanted to say Thank You for continuing to do this and I look forward to more updates and to see your game!

    Thank you again

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