Tutorial 10 in the MonoGame Tutorial Series A Summoner’s Tale

I’ve finished uploading the latest tutorial in my MonoGame programming tutorial series A Summoner’s Tale that is loosely based around the Pokemon series of games. In this tutorial I cover creating avatars and the moves that they can learn then how to load them into the game. You can use this direct link to download the tutorial: Part 10 – Creating Avatars. You can also view the full list of tutorials on the A Summoner’s Tale series on this page A Summoner’s Tale Tutorials.

I’ve got a couple ideas in mind on what I want to implement in the next tutorial in this series so I suggest that you stay tuned for my next MonoGame programming adventure for that tutorial. I will be taking a bit of time away from this series to work on my Eyes of the Dragon tutorial series, XNA based RPG, first. That tutorial will cover updating the level editor to place characters and animated tiles to the game.

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