Prolonged absence

I don’t want to spread my personal life all over the internet with the full details but suffice it to say that the past month has been incredibly tough because of real life problems. The situation will not be getting better any time soon. They will actually continually worsen for the next two months. I […]


I’m dealing with so life issues that have made it hard for me to be able to work on my tutorials or be on my computer for long periods. This are leveling out again so I will be available on the site more and getting back to the tutorials. I did not publish a newsletter […]

Tutorial 12 in the MonoGame Tutorial Series A Summoner’s Tale

I’ve just finished uploading the 12th tutorial in my MonoGame tutorial series, A Summoner’s Tale. I continue on with implementing the battle system between two avatars. It displays the list of available moves that the player can choose and then applies the selected move and the opponent avatar’s move. Once both moves have been applied […]

Silver Prophet Update

I’ve been working on my new combat system for Silver Prophet. As part of that I’m working on a way for a player to trigger their attacks against opponents and select which of their attacks to use. For that I ended up creating battle icons for the different images I have for the player’s character, […]