Silver Prophet

Silver Prophet

Silver Prophet is the code name for a role playing game that I’m currently working on using XNA/MonoGame. In this project I use elements from both my Eyes of the Dragon and A Summoner’s Tale series of tutorials as well as other elements that are not included in the tutorial series as well. The game is still early in development but a lot of features that you’d expect in a game are already in place. I’m purposely trying to keep the story line to myself.


Silver Prophet is a 2D top down role playing game that is being developed using the XNA/MonoGame platforms. It is a traditional fantasy based RPG. It uses a class system rather than a classless system for the characters. Current classes that are being developed are: Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Wizard and Ranger with the possibility of more being included. It is also going to be a party based game where the player can find and invite other people to join them on their quest. It will feature tactical turn based combat between the party and their enemies.


I’ve already added a lot to the game in terms of features that you would expect in a role playing game. Following are a list of features that are pretty much completed followed by others that are currently in development, with a lot more planned in the future.

Features Completed

  • New character generation
  • Map exploration, includes movement, collision detection between tiles and characters
  • Non-player characters (NPCs)
  • Conversing with NPCs with different trees of conversation
  • Buying items
  • Selling items
  • Quest system with multiple steps available for each quest with a variety of quest types
  • Merchant inventory management

Features Currently in Development

  • Mobs
  • Combat system
  • Items (basic items exist but need to add more)
  • Player inventory management (implemented behind the scenes but need to a UI for the player to view and equip)
  • Character class system (implemented class selection but currently does not affect the player)
  • Attributes, abilities and skills/spells
  • Editors (where applicable I’m creating an editor to create content)