Silver Prophet Update

I’ve been tinkering with Silver Prophet a bit and I’m making some good progress on the demo. I’ve been using a product called Spriter Pro, available from Steam, that is helping me generate different characters and sprites for use in the game. If you’re into drawing graphics you can use it to easily animate sprites from pieces. I’m not that great and drawing and haven’t attempted it yet.

I’m currently in the process of starting the combat engine. I’ve got the base class for heroes and mobs set up. I’ve also got a couple different mobs to test with. I’ve also got the plumbing from a few other games so I should make quick progress once I start in earnest. I’m looking at a combat system similar to the original Fire Emblem games like Sacred Stones. I’m trying to decide if it is player team then opponent team taking turns or having the characters/mobs take their turns in order based on their speed and initiative. Both systems have their downfalls and merits.

Tomorrow I will be starting work on the next Eyes Of The Dragon tutorial. In this tutorial I will be continuing on with conversations and getting that working in the game.

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