New Tutorial in the XNA RPG Tutorial Series on Eyes of the Dragon

I’ve posted a new tutorial in the XNA RPG Tutorial series Eyes of the Dragon. In this tutorial I added an NPC to the game play screen. I also included collision detection between the player and the sprite so that the player won’t pass through the sprite. I also introduce a type of collision detection other than bounding box collision detection, comparing the distance between the centers of two objects. With this type of collision detection I determine if the player can start a conversation with the NPC and if they can I will switch states to the conversation state. The direct link to the tutorial is Eyes of the Dragon Tutorial Series Part 34 – Non-Player Character Sprites.

The next tutorial will cover actual conversations as they are a little tricky to create and follow. After that tutorial I will be going back to the map editor and making some improvements for the new components that have been recently added to the game and some new additions.

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