Silver Prophet Progress Update

I’ve been working on my Silver Prophet project over the weekend and today. The game is really starting to come together. Over the past few days I’ve implemented a quest system where a quest can have multiple steps associated with it. I’ve wrapped up the player talking with merchants and buying and selling items. Currently there are only some basic items until I have time to create an editor for creating, reading, updating and deleting items. Though the quest system works I will need to create a CRUD system for that as well.

My current plan for this week is to add mobs to the game for the player to fight and set up the combat system. I’m going with a party based game so I will be implementing a tactical 2D combat system. The order in which characters attack will be based on their speed. Characters will have a number of movement points that they can use each turn. Once they’ve used up or are finished moving they can use a basic attack or skill/spell. I will be including ranged units in combat as well.

I will also be working on my tutorials when possible as well. I’m hoping to have a new tutorial up for each series by the end of the week, maybe more. I’ve received a few topic requests for the tutorials and I’m going to try to work them into the tutorials sooner than later. Please follow the progress on the blog or sign up for weekly updates via my newsletter.

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