Silver Prophet Update – September 10, 2016

I’ve been working off and on today on my game, Silver Prophet. In particular I have been working on the combat system. I’ve elected to go with a Final Fantasy style of combat system for this game. When combat starts the player’s party is taken to a combat screen along with the enemies. The opposing parties are displayed on the left or right hand sides of the screen. Over time their action bars fill up, the rate it fills up at is dynamic in that certain characters/mobs bar fills up quicker or slower than the baseline. This bar is drawn above the player’s party members. Once the bar is filled that entity can choose from one of four battle options. The options can be set by the player for the player and the party members.

A Summoner’s Tale Update

Tomorrow I will be starting work on the next tutorial in my MonoGame tutorial series, A Summoner’s Tale. My current plan is to continue on with battling avatars against each other. That might change as there are a few bits that I’m considering implementing in the battle system that would need to be implemented first.

Please stay tune for my next game programming adventure.

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